2018 Survey

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Culture Connection

Englewood is a place of robust history, vibrant culture, and exhilarating diversity. Businesses in Englewood ought to represent these aspects of the community.

Culture Connection helps carry the mantle of ethnic pride and tradition in Englewood. With a strong focus on African American culture, Culture Connection promotes diversity and heritage with every product […]

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Kusanya Cafe Revisited

Kusanya Café is a model of empowerment and encouragement wrapped inside a comfortable, high quality coffee establishment.

Did you know that Kusanya means to gather, collect or accumulate in Swahili? Kusanya Café acts on that meaning by gathering residents and others from throughout the City and serving up doses of coffee, community and culture. […]

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Sue’s Crew Printing

Technology has revolutionized the global economy. International competition is spurring new innovation, new communication methods have expedited the sharing of ideas, and the internet allows small businesses located in Englewood to access markets across the country.

Sue’s Crew Printing has done just that. Custom printed t-shirts are shipped from New York City to Los […]

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Powell’s Barber Shop

Powell’s Barber Shop is a sophisticated shop that provides quality and reliable service in an upscale facility in Chicago’s Englewood community. We employ 9 friendly and professional barbers who play an intricate part of the Englewood community.

We often utilizes our shop to host annual spring neighborhood clean-ups, community meetings, job fairs, monthly speaker series […]

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Sip and Savor

Small Business Wednesdays, thus far, have highlighted businesses already located in the Englewood community. Today we’re doing something a little different.

Today’s Small Business Wednesday highlights a coffee shop called Sip&Savor that is looking to expand to Englewood. As the 63rd and Halsted development continues, the Greater Englewood CDC will be intimately involved with […]

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Nine Zero Personal Fitness

Success is 10% Inspiration and 90% Perspiration.

Economic development and personal fitness are remarkably similar in that this statement applies entirely to both. In the same way that the Greater Englewood CDC and all community stakeholders have to have the grit and dedication to reach our vision, patrons of Nine Zero Personal Fitness must […]

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John’s Hardware & Bicycle Shop

Family owned small businesses are embedded in the history and vitality of the United States. John’s Hardware & Bicycle Shop is the quintessential example of a small business that drives the American economy.

It all started when John, as a young man, began working at a hardware store. Eventually, John became the owner and […]

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Washburne Culinary Institute

Improve the present and prepare for the future. Make a better tomorrow by doing good now. Ideas that accomplish this ideal of progress are founded in unique ingenuity and leadership. The Washburne Culinary Institute exhibits exactly those traits. The Institute is both a school and a business, teaching students while it generates income for […]

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Kusanya Cafe

Englewood will grow through community. As part of its Growth 180 initiative, the Greater Englewood CDC is uniting the entrepreneurs of the community into a Small Business Alliance. One function of the SBA will be to magnify promotion of constituent businesses. Part of this effort will be “Small Business Wednesdays,” a brief weekly blog […]

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