growth 180

Growth 180 is a partnership initiative with the Greater Englewood community intended to achieve 3 major goals: grow existing businesses, grow new businesses and grow the workforce. Growth 180 represents a natural extension of Greater Englewood CDC’s Invest In Englewood campaign (“IIE”). Specifically it builds on the business support and workforce development objectives outlined within the campaign.

Mission: To oversee and facilitate comprehensive, on-going support for new and existing businesses and offer appropriate workforce development.

Vision: The Greater Englewood economy will stabilize and grow as a result of having a dedicated business support and workforce development partner.

The Growth 180 support platform was developed under one simple premise: ongoing business support and workforce development efforts will strengthen Greater Englewood’s economy. Discussions with business owners and the examination of current economic development plans specific to Greater Englewood have brought Greater Englewood CDC to the conclusion that businesses do not have the on-going, comprehensive support they need to grow. Additionally, current workforce development efforts are generally implemented in isolation to business support. We see business support and workforce development as directly proportional to one another. By addressing the two simultaneously we believe Greater Englewood’s economic environment will be stabilized more quickly.

To achieve the stated goals, Growth 180 has been organized into a comprehensive bundle of services and efforts that are described within the subsequent tabs.