kids_picture“Invest in Englewood” is an economic development campaign initiated by the Greater Englewood Community Development Corporation (“Greater Englewood CDC”). Invest in Englewood was created with community stakeholder input to improve the output of Greater Englewood’s economy, generate revenue for the City and County and to improve the quality of life for residents. The campaign will utilize an “inside-out” approach, meaning that the Greater Englewood residents and existing organizations will participate in all aspects of planning and implementation.

What Investment Looks Like

berriesImproving Greater Englewood’s economy will require significant investment. Investment in Greater Englewood takes place on many different levels. Money is one form of investment, however, time, expertise and organizational support, among other things, can be invested. Greater Englewood CDC believes that any attempt to improve Greater Englewood’s economy and overall quality of life starts with believing that improvements can occur and commitment to ensuring that the improvements take place. Developing such a belief will depend on the continued development of self determination. It is our hope that this campaign will help to inspire such beliefs. As the campaign proceeds we will use a system of metrics to monitor its progress. This will measure the effectiveness of the Invest in Englewood programming activities relative to the overall state of the Greater Englewood economy.

Collaborative Efforts

Although Greater Englewood CDC’s focus is economic development, we understand that there are many factors that contribute to the state of Greater Englewood’s economy. We have identified three main areas that must be immediately stabilized in order to create economic vitality and sustainability. The three areas, (“the big 3”) are economic development, education, and crime. The Invest in Englewood campaign will address each of these issues by forming three distinct coalitions containing residents and existing community organizations. Each coalition will have its own blueprint for success.

Greater Englewood CDC has taken the task of creating the economic development blueprint and made inroads with local politicians, Englewood based community organizations, and residents. As far as education, we are aware that the Englewood Community Action Council, a Chicago Public Schools collaborative between residents and local community organizations, has created a strategic plan for schools within the Englewood community. It is our intent to fully support this collaborative effort. Finally, we are currently working within our evolving coalitions to solidify short and long term plans for the improvement of crime occurrences.